8 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

Before you deal with your plumbing issues and call a plumber Vallejo CA service provider, you should be able to identify the frequent plumbing problems that may occur in your home, business, or commercial places. This may help you use your best judgment when phoning a Vallejo commercial plumbing professional or looking online for instructions.


At Gray Plumbing, we’ve seen and fixed all types of plumbing problems—big and small alike! Here are among the most common Vallejo commercial plumbing problems our skilled plumbers Vallejo CA, deal with and their causes.

  1. Faucets for Dripping

Dripping faucets are inconvenient, inefficient, and expensive. These drips can sometimes be caused by a worn-out washer or O ring, which is readily replaced. In other circumstances, corrosion or incorrect faucet installation may be the source of the drop.

  1. Water Pipe is Leaking

Everyone would know that this was the second item on the list. Leaky pipes may be the least of your worries because they were not as severe as other plumbing troubles you’ve had, but this depends on the location of the leaking pipe. Suppose the pipe was installed inside your home, particularly in large industrial and commercial buildings and establishments. In that case, it could cause significant disruption and even damage to other properties within the infrastructure—not to mention the amount of water that leaking pipes could waste, which would cost you a lot of money.

Fortunately, leaky pipes can be quickly repaired; however, this depends on the size of the leak and the type of pipe that is leaking. Small pipes used at home can be repaired with a sealant if little damage is visible, but for large industrial pipes, you may need to hire Vallejo commercial plumbing‘s most dependable plumbing service provider and call them right away!

  1. Running Toilets

Your toilets should never be constantly filling the tank with water. There should be no instances in which your toilet flushes at random intervals. Despite what some DIY manuals claim, it is preferable to seek the assistance of a qualified professional plumber Vallejo CA to quickly repair the issue rather than depending on untrustworthy DIY solutions.

  1. Your Hose Bibb is Dripping

During the summer and winter, the likelihood of your hose bibb leaking increases. The temperature of your tap water fluctuates when the temperature of the surrounding environment changes. This could weaken the metal, making it prone to cracks, breakage, and damage—especially if it doesn’t have adequate protection to endure the dramatic temperature variations. When this happens, contact a Vallejo commercial plumbing service to repair or replace the broken hose bibb. Experts also advise using frost-proof hose bibb for a more durable hose bibb.

  1. Unwanted Odors

If the kitchens or bathrooms in your commercial building begin to smell bad even after a thorough cleaning, there could be a problem with your sewage lines. This might occur when there is a clog in the drain caused by the debris. The stink will persist until the blockage is eliminated, and it is better to engage a professional for rooter services.

  1. Water Heater Issues

In some nations, a water heater is required. Water heater issues, such as its inability to generate adequate heat, can be extremely inconvenient while having a bath or even a fast shower. If you find a little problem with your water heater, contact a plumbing service right away; this could save your water heater’s life from more problems and complications.

  1. Pressure of Water

Keep in mind that leaks and even burst pipes can have an impact on your water pressure. You cannot diagnose or repair this problem on your own. If you discover that your water pressure is lower than usual, call a professional plumber Vallejo CA to help you resolve the issue. 

  1. Your Drain Is Clogged

Clogged drains are generally caused by leftover foods being flushed away while doing the dishes. These microscopic food bits could progressively accumulate in your drainage systems, blocking them. The most common fallacies for dealing with a drain clog include pouring hot water and employing pressure to forcefully push the clogged source. However, if the reason for the obstruction is too large and difficult to treat, these therapies will not be sufficient. If this occurs, hire a plumbing firm to unclog your drains for more secure and effective disposal.

Whether you have a common plumbing problem or not, our dedicated team at Gray Plumbing can help! When it comes to our Vallejo commercial plumbing customers, we place a high priority on being available. Additionally, we’ve refined our well-oiled system to ensure that you receive the commercial plumbing assistance you require to keep your business’s restrooms and kitchens fully operational.