Three Things To Know About Kitchen Plumbing Services

Things To Know About Kitchen Plumbing Services

Kitchens are the lifeblood of any home. It’s a place to cook for family, friends, or just yourself, but it’s so much more! Kitchens can be a regular gathering place for people to gather for a good conversation – a true refuge from busy lives. That includes keeping your plumbing in good working order so that clogs don’t appear all over your kitchen. Here are three things to know about kitchen plumbing services:

The Importance of Kitchen Plumbing

Having working plumbing in your kitchen ensures that you always have access to fresh water. In addition to handling the wastewater from the sink, the toilet, and the shower, the sink is also in charge of draining the water from the dishwasher and the garbage disposal. A flooded kitchen, or even worse, a sewage backup, is a direct result of faulty plumbing in the kitchen.

Maintaining a well-functioning plumbing system in a kitchen requires regular upkeep. An unclogged drain is less likely to develop leaks. Kitchen plumbing that isn’t maintained can lead to expensive repairs down the road. Don’t hesitate to contact a plumber at the first sign of trouble, whether it be a leak or a blockage.

Common Kitchen Plumbing Services

Some common kitchen plumbing services that you may require on a daily basis are as follows:

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

Is your kitchen sink not draining as quickly as it once did? Then it’s time to have your drain cleaned. This is a very common problem, and every kitchen will encounter it at some point. It causes your sink to become clogged over time as a result of food debris, mineral deposits, and other issues. We will clear your clogs and restore your sink to its former glory.

Leak Repair

Leak Repair

The kitchen is packed with valves, pipes, and fixtures, and if even one of them leaks, you waste not only water but also money. Do you have a leak in your kitchen? Our expert will not only locate it but will also repair it for you.

Faucet Repair

Faucet Repair

Is your faucet broken, damaged, or leaking? Remove your concerns because our technicians are here to repair any type of faucet. It is made up of a ceramic disk, a ball, a cartridge, and compression. We do everything from repairing a small part to completely replacing it.

When To Call A Plumber

When attempting to unclog a sink or appliance, the homeowner must turn off the water supply at the main water and sewer valve. However, a plumber should be called in without delay if any do-it-yourself approach fails.

Fixing the plumbing in your kitchen is not an enjoyable weekend activity. You might flood your house or break your appliances if you don’t know what you’re doing. The best choice is to call in experts to avoid paying for an expensive emergency repair when you notice a problem.

Don’t hesitate to contact Gray Plumbing for all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a minor leak or a huge burst pipe, our team is well-equipped to fix the issue quickly and effectively.