How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Garbage Disposal?

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Garbage Disposal

Fixing the majority of garbage disposals will cost you approximately $250, including labor. This sum might be anything from $70 and $400. However, a plumber’s delivery cost may range anywhere from $60 to $100 an hour, depending on the specialist. Although the prices of individual components might vary widely, in almost every case, they are far more affordable than the entire replacement. It will cost around $150 only for the supplies to make a whole new device. 

Garbage disposals are a helpful appliance that may swiftly eliminate garbage from your dinner plate, but they are also capable of causing some issues on occasion. This blog will assist you in calculating your typical costs and determining if the repair is something you can DIY or should be left to a professional.

Most Common Repairs For Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals may cause various difficulties, ranging from electrical to plumbing concerns. You may be able to tell what’s wrong and estimate how much it will cost to repair if you know what they are and investigate them yourself.

Jammed Garbage Disposal 

Did you flush anything wrong? Something is trapped within a humming appliance. Unclog the blades to make them operate. Clogged garbage disposal is a common cause to contact a plumber. If there’s no structural damage, a plumber should be able to repair the disposal. System repair costs $75-$100. Most plumbers complete in an hour. 

Unpowered Garbage Disposal 

You expect to hear the blades cut food when you turn on the garbage disposal. It needs power. However, power supply problems indicate quiet. You can probably solve this yourself. Before calling a plumber, check sure the disposal isn’t disconnected. Resetting may also help. If neither approach works, check for a tripped breaker. 

Drain Clog 

A pipe obstruction is likely to be blamed if your sink overflows while using the garbage disposal. Food particles caught in the line might slow sink draining. Plumbers utilize snake-like tools to unblock pipelines. Depending on the size and the location of the blockage, it might be difficult for a specialist. A blocked garbage disposal may influence other household areas. You don’t want an overflowing toilet or washer because you didn’t repair the sink. The overall cost should be $150-200, depending on the line length. 

Garbage Disposal Leak 

After running the garbage disposal, do you see a puddle? Have plumbing problems? See whether tightening the connectors and bolts fixes the problem. If so, you’re done! A worn seal may be the cause of a leaking unit. Should you replace the seal? No. Fixing the seal will address the issue today, but a worn-out seal indicates outdated disposal. Replacing the device is more cost-effective than repairing it. Depending on the model, new garbage disposal costs $185-400.

If your garbage disposal is having issues, it can cause a lot of frustration in the kitchen and even severe damage to the plumbing or cabinet in your sink. Call our experts at Gray Plumbing for a quote on how much it will cost you—the sooner we come out, the less costly repairs tend to be!