How To Deal With A Garbage Disposal Leak

How To Deal With A Garbage Disposal Leak

After dinner, as you’re doing the dishes, you notice a leak from your garbage disposal when you open the cabinet beneath the sink to get something. It turns into a stinky situation fast. Yikes! 

In the worst case, it might lead to significant water damage. Garbage disposal leaking from the bottom is a common problem many homeowners face. Your garbage disposal could be acting up for several reasons. Still, most of them include how well you’ve been taking care of the disposal.

You can take quick action before the leak gets out of control and causes a mess in your kitchen by understanding how to fix the leaky garbage disposal. This article will cover some of these typical causes and self-help solutions. But suppose none of those solutions seem to help, or the problem persists. Then, mainly if flooding occurs in the area under your kitchen sink, it might be time to call a plumber.

Signs Of A Garbage Disposal Leak Include:

  • You hear dripping from underneath your sink when you run the garbage disposal.
  • Putrid or rotten food odor comes from the cabinet underneath the sink.
  • The cupboard under the sink is wet.
  • Under the sink, there is flooding.

What’s Causing My Garbage Disposal To Leak?

This device breaks down organic material into tiny particles that can safely and effectively be poured down a standard kitchen drain. However, if you notice leaking, you may have steadily overused this appliance. Many things and materials commonly crammed into these appliances, like bones, grease, meat leftovers, potato peels, and eggshells, are not meant for them.

The motor, cutting blades, and other garbage disposal parts must handle a load they were not intended for when these or other rigid materials are put into the disposal. Leaking garbage disposals commonly indicate that the appliance has suffered from wear and tear. However, regular use over time can cause any garbage disposal to start leaking.

How To Stop The Garbage Disposal Leak

Bottom Leak: The garbage disposal’s internal seal may have been damaged; these seals tend to wear out over time. You might need to install a new garbage disposal in this situation. If your disposal is not still covered by warranty, buying a new one would be better than spending the time, effort, money, and to repair the internal seal.

Top Leak: If this is the case, your sink’s putty or flange is probably worn out and no longer maintaining the seal. In this situation, you will need to unplug the garbage disposal unit, remove the old flange or clean off the crumbling putty, and then reseal it with the new or brand-new putty.

Side Leak: The drain lines attached to the garbage disposal side are a common source of these leaks. In this situation, try tightening the metal clamp that joins the lines from the garbage disposal to the dishwasher with a screwdriver. Alternately, you might need to replace the rubber gasket. You can also use the main drain line screws and tighten them there.

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