How Long Does It Take For Drain Cleaner To Work?

How Long Does It Take For Drain Cleaner To Work

This chemical drain cleaner claims that it will remove the obstruction from your drain. However, how does it operate in practice? Did you realize there’s a possibility it might cause damage? 

What should you do if there is a blockage in one of your drains? It can seem like a quick and straightforward solution to pour acid-based drain cleaner down the drain, but doing so might reduce the lifetime of your pipes by many years. The acid will ruin the lining of your sewage pipes in these drains. Because of this, savvy homeowners opt to hire professional drain cleaners to return their pipes to their original condition swiftly. 

Drain Cleaner Chemicals

  • Caustic 

Caustic drain cleaners, such as those that include lye, give the substance that is creating the blockage electrons to dissolve it. Because of this, a chemical reaction takes place, resulting in the production of heat, a reduction in the viscosity of the grease, and an increase in its solubility. 

Drains blocked with greases, such as a kitchen sink or grease trap, are the best candidates for their usage.

  •  Oxidizing 

Oxidizing cleaners are similar to caustic ones. In oxidation, they steal electrons from organic materials. Popular liquid drain cleaners include bleach and nitrates. They combine with water to generate heat and dissolve clogs. Oxidizing drain cleaners remove hair and organic waste from shower drains, toilets, and bathroom sinks.

  • Acidic 

Acidic drain cleaners are the most powerful, but they are rarely used. They have things like sulphuric or hydrochloric acid, and they work chemically with the clogged material to make hydronium ions. Only in the worst cases should this kind of cleaner be used. They can do a lot of damage to both your plumbing and your health.

Drain Cleaner Experts

Our professional only takes a couple of hours to clean out a drain. We put in all the tools in those hours to clean the drains. This includes a water tank and a hose hooked to a particular machine. The hose goes directly into your sewer pipes and sends high-pressure water to clean them of debris and waste. 

At about 20 gallons per minute, pumping water through the drains takes about an hour. After all the dirt, roots, hair, oil, and other waste are flushed out of the system,our repairman does a final sewer camera inspection in about an hour. This is done to ensure that your sewer pipes are clean and that any clogs are carefully removed. 

Because drain cleaning can be done quickly, it is a great way to ensure that your pipes are completely clean. Most drain cleaners you buy at the store only work for a week or less. After a few days, you’ll retake the same steps. When you take good care of your pipes, hydro-jetting will be the last time you need to clean your pipes for at least six months.

 Call Gray Plumbing and speak with our professional about how long drain cleaning should take. Depending on the kind of blockage and its severity, we will provide you with a precise time estimate for removing it. Get in touch with us at 707-646-1356. All of your plumbing problems have answers here.