Weird Things People Have Flushed Down The Toilet


The only things that people should flush down the toilets are toilet paper and human waste. Still, far too many people consider bathrooms as clean waste bins where they can wash their troubles away! Undoubtedly, we’ve all had our fair share of close encounters and actual scares at the toilet bowl, whether by accident or cunning planning.

Plumbers worldwide can confirm a range of bizarre claims during their course of work. It took them longer hours removing blocked pipes, digging through who knows what to locate the cause of leaky pipes and toilets, including several additional problems. Most people have flushed small items such as coins or knick-knacks down the toilet. Still, you’ll be intrigued or disgusted by some of the weirdest things that actual plumbers’ watched flushed down toilets.

Read to know about a few of the weirdest things people flushed down the toilet accidentally and on purpose!


Surprisingly, a set of dentures is frequently flushed down the toilet at least once or twice. One instance is when a gentleman became distressed after losing his dentures down the toilet. He kept insisting he would clean his dentures and put them back on.

In a completely different situation, an airport company called a plumber into an overflowing men’s room only to discover the source of the problem: a set of dentures beaming at him in the pipes. Nobody tried to claim the dentures, possibly because they had no plans to use them again after their final expedition.


We’ve all remembered flushing dead goldfishes in the toilet. Still, many living animals have also been down the drain.

You’ll be stunned to discover that a young boy decided to bathe his puppy on the toilet. Unfortunately, the youngster flushed the puppy down the bathroom while washing him off! Fortunately for them, a plumber was able to find the puppy in the drainage pipes using special camera gear, allowing for a quick rescue.

Many also discovered a squirrel, puppy, snake, shark, an iguana, and an opossum in toilets, both flushed and unflushed.

Expensive Jewelry

An unfortunate victim of auto flush was a woman who had to call a plumber after her $10,000 bracelet fell off her arm while on the toilet. Fortunately, the plumber was apt to remove the toilet and retrieve it from the pipes for her.

In another case, a discovery of a $70,000 wedding ring down a toilet and other findings included a hairpin worn in the 1500s. Plumbers found the hairpin in a dig site with ancient toilets. Having old bathrooms can sometimes be favorable.


A janitor started his regular activities, cleaning the bathrooms at his workplace, when he discovered that one of the toilets had more than $90,000. When a plumber arrived, he found over $1,000 in the pipes. Nobody came forth to recover the money. Hence, a judicial officer ruled in 2014 that most of the money should go to the honest janitor who discovered it.

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