How To Fix Clogged Drain Pipe

How To Fix Clogged Drain Pipe

Clogs are an inevitable part of drainage systems. Unfortunately, these annoyances arise right when the sink is brimming over with dirty dishes, toothpaste, or worse items. The circumstances may be unpleasant, but finding a way out can be manageable. Use this guide to help you unclog a pipe.

Homemade Chemical Remedies

When you have a clog in your home’s drainage pipes, a mixture of baking Soda and vinegar can do miracles. When these chemicals respond, they usually break through whatever is clogging them. It accomplishes the same goals as professional cleaners but without the associated health hazards and pipe-damaging agents.

Give Soda A Shot

There is a possibility that the ideal product for unclogging drains is already in your very own kitchen. Some carbonated soda products have remarkable dissolving power and can be used to clear out obstructions. Soft drinks and other sugary sodas contain dissolving agents like phosphoric acid that eat away at grease and clogs, removing them much safer than industrial cleaners. When you’re done, you can flush your pipes with water to eliminate any leftover debris.

Work With Hot Water

A basic hot water flush is one of the most common and tried methods for clearing a clogged drain in a residential setting. Because of the heat and the increasing water pressure and force, clogged drain lines often burst, releasing whatever was stuck inside. Only hot water and a working faucet are needed for this technique, and both are likely already in your hands.

Plunge It

Try plunging if the combinations with the boiling water and those above don’t work. First, you should use a towel to plug the overflow drain of your sink or a cloth or stopper to seal off the second sink in a double-sink setup. It will result in a more secure closure, which applies more pressure to the obstruction. Repeatedly plunging the toilet with great force and flushing it with hot water should work.

Drain Snake

There is a good possibility that the plunger cannot break up the clog. Snaking the pipe could be required here. A plastic drain snake is your best bet when dealing with sink drains. Snakes of this type are thin, flat, and flexible, equipped with a set of barbs. Insert the snake into the pipe a short distance at a time, remove it to clean it, and repeat. Keep doing this until you can insert the complete snake into the opening. To check if the drain is clean, run some water through it.

Consult An Expert

Feel free to seek outside help if you have exhausted all other options. Contact a plumber in your area when you see indications of a clog or a grime buildup for an immediate assessment. It’s better to take preventative measures now to save money on costly fixes later.

It doesn’t matter what caused the clog in the first place; the expert drain cleaners at Gray Plumbing have the know-how and equipment to clear the obstruction completely. The best part is that restoring your pipes won’t break the bank, so don’t put it off any longer!