How to Clean a Traeger Grease Trap

How to Clean a Traeger Grease Trap

Grilling lovers frequently choose Traeger grills because of their ability to cook with wood pellets. However, like any other grill, it requires regular maintenance to ensure proper operation. Cleaning the grease trap is an essential maintenance task. A Traeger grease trap gathers fat and oil from cooking and keeps it out of the pellet hopper or firepot. In this blog, we’ll walk you through cleaning a Traeger grease trap.

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What is a Traeger Grease Trap? 

A Traeger grease trap is a small container on the grill’s underside. Its function is to collect extra grease and food debris from the cooking grates. A clean grease trap keeps the barbecue running smoothly and safely.

How to Clean a Traeger Grease Trap 

Cleaning a Traeger grease trap is a straightforward procedure that takes only a few basic tools:

  • A bucket
  • Dish soap
  • Water
  • A cleaning brush

Here’s how to clean a Traeger grease trap:

  1. Before cleaning, turn off the grill and allow it to cool completely. Grease can be incredibly hot, resulting in burns.
  2. Under the grill, look for the grease trap. Depending on the model of your Traeger grill, you can remove it by sliding it out or twisting it counterclockwise.
  3. Empty the grease trap contents into a bucket. Make sure to properly dispose of it.
  4. Add a few amounts of dish soap to the warm water as you fill the bucket.
  5. Scrub the grease trap thoroughly with a cleaning brush to remove any leftover grease and dirt.
  6. Clean the grease trap with water and a clean cloth.
  7. Replace the grease trap in the grill.

When to Call a Professional

While cleaning your Traeger grease trap is a simple process, there may be times when you should seek professional assistance. Some scenarios where it’s best to call in the pros are as follows:

Unusual Odors

If you notice any strange odors emanating from your grease trap, it could be a sign of a blockage or other problems. A plumbing expert can examine the condition and recommend efficient odor-removal methods.

Performance Issues

A dirty grease trap could cause performance issues with your Traeger grill, such as inconsistent heating or difficulty maintaining temperature. It could, however, be a more severe problem with the grill’s internal components. A plumber can identify the issue and offer solutions.

Safety Concerns

Grease is highly combustible, and if not properly cleaned, it can constitute a fire hazard. If you’re unsure how to safely clean your Traeger grease trap, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.


Cleaning your Traeger grease trap is essential to its performance and longevity. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your grill operates efficiently and safely. 

Don’t let a dirty Traeger grease trap ruin your grilling experience or pose a safety hazard. Contact Gray Plumbing today for professional grease trap cleaning and Traeger grill maintenance services. Our skilled plumbers have the knowledge and expertise to address your plumbing concerns, ensuring that your grill runs appropriately and safely. Call us now!