Bathroom Trends To Avoid In 2022

Bathroom Trends

You’re finally getting that bathroom to remodel you’ve been pining for years. Do you have a Pinterest fever? We completely understand, and we realize how undecided you may be about which patterns and trends to follow. The concern with trends is that they are like love at first sight.

This could happen numerous times, so the key here is to avoid settling for a trend you’ll regret later. You need to locate something extraordinary that you will value in the long term and with whom you will have a lengthy connection. We will instead provide you with a list of the worst bathroom trends to avoid because there are so many to select from.

Avoid a Quick Design

Although fleeting designs are popular in the market, they are among the bathroom trends to avoid. You want something that will provide you joy for years to come, and you need a design that is both attractive and functional. Why not choose a safe transitional design instead of geometric angles, pattern tiles, bohemian decor, or vintage colors?

Transitional bathroom designs remain popular due to their charm and desire to merge with both traditional and contemporary styles. Your bathroom will combine the elegance and simplicity of a modern bathroom with the warmth of a classic one. 

Avoid Using Excessive Colors

The truth is, bathroom remodels aren’t something you can do every year, so make sure you do something you’ll be happy with for the next several years. Bold colors are one of those things that only last a short time before going out of style. Neutral colors, like white or grey, will give your bathroom the clean and fresh appearance you seek.

Avoid Cement Tiles and White Grout 

Tiles are an important aspect of a bathroom, and the ones you choose will affect its aesthetic. You want something strong, long-lasting, and eye-catching, but cement tiles might not be the way to go. Cement tiles are among the most popular bathroom tiles, and most people simply covet them.

If you fall into that category, you should reconsider your alternatives. They are pricey, difficult to maintain, and misused, despite being touted as having unsurpassed texture and depth. These tiles will discolor the first day they are used, and once they have patina, you may feel like they were a waste of money.

Avoid Dull Walls

White is a common bathroom hue, but white on white doesn’t work. Overdone, it looks sterile and dull. Add bright colors even if you favor white.

Patterns, colors, and materials give your area distinction and a striking aesthetic. Choose accessories you love because you can alter them whenever you want. Use carpets, plants, artwork, and anything else that offers you joy in your bathroom.

In Summary

There are many bathroom trends to select from, but these are the ones to avoid. Consider functionality, beauty, and longevity when making judgments, and choose colors, styles, and designs that will be timeless in a year or two.

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