How to Install Double Kitchen Sink Plumbing With Garbage Disposal

Let’s be honest: regardless of your age, you will experience aging. Picking up food leftovers by hand is nasty. However, if you want to avoid having your kitchen sink clogged, you must deal with the problem in some way. So, are you sick of scraping the remains of a once-delicious food into your garbage can?

Double Kitchen Sink

Nothing is more inconvenient than dealing with food waste on a consistent basis, as anyone who has worked in a kitchen knows. Not to mention how many times you’ve messed up a meal and had to scrape over-cooked food from the bottom of pans and pots. If you want to get rid of all of these issues, there is only one solution: install a garbage disposal

Having this combined with your sink is just the finest conceivable thing you can do in such a situation. However, understanding how to plumb a double kitchen sink with disposal and dishwasher is not always straightforward. Fortunately for you, our Napa trash disposal installation experts will tell you everything you need to know right here!

Step 1: Clean the cabinet beneath the sink in the kitchen. 

The kitchen cabinet should be clean so that you can work on it easily.

Step 2: Disconnect the circuit breaker. 

Examine the circuit breaker connected to the disposal system and turn it off. Before you begin, be sure there is no power flowing through the wiring. To validate, use the voltage tester.

Step 3: Remove the couplers that link the drain extension pipe and the p-trap. 

To complete this process, use slip pliers. Next, store these drain parts in a secure location. To prevent a nasty odor from invading your kitchen, place a piece of cloth in the drain.

Step 4: Remove the nuts from beneath the drain coupling.

Make use of your pliers to complete this task. When it’s sufficiently loose, you can remove it by pushing it up. Remove the drain flange from the lower portion of the sink and set it aside.

Step 5: Remove a portion of the puffy residue from the drain opening using a scraping motion. 

Make use of the scraping knife to get the job done.

Step 6: Make use of fluffy.

Puffy should be applied liberally around the flange of the waste disposal device.

Step 7: Attach the flange to the pipe.

Insert the flange into the hole in the sink that is designated for it. The mounting ring is used to keep it in place.

Step 8: Tighten the disposal unit.

Using a screwdriver, tighten any screws that need to be tightened. Finally, you’ve completed the installation of your waste disposal equipment.

Double kitchen sink plumbing is a terrific method to save space while also increasing the utility of your kitchen. You can simply accommodate two normal kitchen sinks in the same space by installing double kitchen sink plumbing. This not only makes your kitchen more organized and easy, but it also cuts down on the time you spend cleaning up spills and stains. Contact Gray Plumbing if you want to install a double kitchen sink plumbing with garbage disposal.