How To Fix A Leaking Garbage Disposal

Leaking garbage disposal is a nuisance that you may encounter from time to time. It’s important to note that just because trash disposal is leaking doesn’t always mean you need to replace it, and you may not need to call a plumber for a costly repair. Before replacing a garbage disposal, you can save money by doing some detective work and troubleshooting.

Garbage Disposal

When the Leak Is Caused by the Gasket

If the garbage disposal is leaking from the very top rim where the rubber seal mounts to the flange, the reason could be the garbage disposal’s rubber gasket.

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When the rubber gasket wears out, it can leak. When there is no water flowing down the drain or via the garbage disposal for an extended period of time, the gasket might dry out and begin to leak. If you remove an older garbage disposer for whatever reason and then reinstall it, you may find that a new rubber gasket is required to reestablish a watertight seal. The gasket will also leak if the gasket is not uniformly secured on all three sides, as seen in the last example.

The leaky garbage disposal gasket is simple to repair. A replacement rubber garbage disposal gasket can be purchased at local hardware or home improvement store.

Turn Off The Water And Electricity

To remove and replace the gasket, you must first disconnect the drain and unhook the garbage disposal cord. If you have a dishwasher, unplug the dishwasher drain hose from the garbage disposal.

Take Out The Disposal

With the drains and cord removed, use the proper wrench to grip the sides of the mounting nut and twist it counterclockwise to free the garbage disposal. The Disposal should fall directly down.

Replace the Gasket

Place the garbage disposal in a spot where you will be able to work on it while still being able to see the rubber gasket. The old gasket should be removed, and the new one should be installed in the same area, making sure that it pops into the lip and sits flat.

Replace the Disposal and Put it Through its Paces

You are now ready to replace the garbage disposal. Lift the Disposal into place with your knee or with the assistance of a helper while gazing down from above the sink. Before reinstalling the gasket, ensure that it is flat.

Check the underside of the sink to make sure that all of the mounting grooves are properly fastened before using it. Reconnect the drains and the power cable if they have been disconnected. Turn on the water and the garbage disposal to check for leaks.

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