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Buying a new home is an exciting and joyous time. Whether it be a first small home, a dreamy villa, or an investment property. However, the happiness can be cut short if there are issues with the property, especially plumbing issues.  Having issues doesn’t mean that you should not buy the home, especially if you get a blockbuster deal. Rather, you should use the issues to your advantage to get even a better deal. For example, if the home needs the plumbing system replaced entirely, then you can request the homeowner to lower the sale price to accommodate your plumber Fairfield CA expense. Alternatively, you can also ask the homeowner to hire a plumber in Fairfield CA and get the plumbing fixed before you sign the dotted line.


Plumbing Problems To Check When Buying A House

You can carry out a plumbing home inspection to identify the problems before you buy the house or move in. You can do the inspection yourself or take the help of a professional plumber Fairfield CA, for the same. The following are the problems you’ll need to inspect and address when buying a house.

Look for Visible Water Damage Signs

This is the easiest inspection to carry out and is a DIY task. Still, we recommend having a plumber in the Fairfield CA area take a look at obvious water damage signs to get a better idea of the leakage root, cause, and the possible solution.

You might find brown marks, moisture, damp spaces, stains, and moss growth in areas of leakage. The plumber will be able to identify these signs and the cause behind the leaks accurately. They will then provide repair suggestions that can help fix the problem.

Test the Water Pressure

New homeowners don’t usually pay attention to the water pressure. But, having low or high pressure can turn out to be a nightmare. A low water pressure can mean that the pipes are clogged. Thus, open multiple faucets simultaneously to check if there is a loss of water pressure. 

Similarly, having high water pressure poses a threat to the water heater and other appliances. A professional plumber will also use a pressure gauge to check the water pressure. Make sure that the water pressure is optimum to avoid any issues in your Fairfield CA home.

Don’t Forget the Water Heater

An average water heater costs almost a thousand dollars today. Tankless models can cost you anywhere from five thousand to eight thousand dollars. Thus, have the Fairfield Plumber thoroughly inspect the water heater to avoid major spending on the water heater in the future.

Signs of dampness or rust mean that the water heater needs repair or replacement. And both these tasks will cost you dearly. So, make sure that the water heater is in good condition and doesn’t need to be looked after in the near future.

Inspect the Sewage System

Sewage repairs are costly. So, make sure the sewage system is working as intended. If you notice the typical sewer smell, it means that you will need to carry out plumbing repairs. Ask the plumber to carry out a thorough inspection of the sewage system with a camera.

Similarly, ask the plumber to check for leaks, rust, cracks, and other issues with the sewage system in your Fairfield CA home.

Look for Leaking Sinks and Faucets

Turn on faucets to check that water is not leaking while the water is running. Similarly, check that the faucets can be opened and closed easily. Pay special attention that faucets can be closed properly and there is no water drip or leakage.

Similarly, check the sink for any leakages under the sink. Make sure that the sink drain is not clogged and water flows freely.


It is essential to check for plumbing problems when buying a house. You not only can get a better deal but also can carry out the necessary repairs before you move in to have a hassle-free living experience if the house has plumbing issues.

Make sure that you or the homeowner, whoever is taking the responsibility of fixing the plumbing problems hires a professional plumber who is in the Fairfield CA area for the task. A professional ensures that the repairs are carried out correctly, and the plumbing problem is fixed permanently.

The plumber can also give recommendations and tips that can save you from any plumbing problems in the future for your Fairfield CA home. So, asking a plumber to take a look at the plumbing is a wise decision and a beneficial investment. Make sure you do it before you take possession of the house.