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Leaks from plumbing issues within your home and clogged drains can be a complete nightmare to try and deal with, but our friendly professionals at Gray Plumbing are here to help. Our team of qualified, experienced plumbers can provide you with reliable Winters, CA plumbing, water heater, and drain cleaning services that are guaranteed to last. No matter how severe or simple the issue, count on us for immediate relief.

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What Are The Benefits of Plumbing Maintenance Agreements?

Gray Plumbing has partnered with home and business owners safeguarding their plumbing systems and reducing the chance of costly repairs.

Would you like to protect your plumbing and receive priority service at discounted rates? Gray Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreements offer a range of benefits, from increased plumbing and appliance lifespan to lower monthly energy bills and affordable peace of mind. Regularly scheduled plumbing maintenance is a wise investment that improves the efficiency, longevity and performance of your pipes, valves, water heaters, sump pumps and sewer lines.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Gray Plumbing Maintenance Agreements include system check-ups performed at regularly scheduled intervals. During your maintenance visit, an Platinium Agreement will:

  • Locate & test all emergency water shut-off valves
  • Check operation of toilets (includes dye testing)
  • Check fixtures & drains for leaks
  • Check exposed hot & cold water supply lines
  • Check faucets for leaks
  • Inspect washing machine hoses
  • Locate & inspect cleanouts
  • Pour water down floor drains

Gray Plumbing Service Maintenance Agreements also include the inspection of gas or electric water heaters.

Gas Water Heater

  • Check & clean main burner & pilot
  • Check Anode Rod
  • Descale tankless water heater
  • Drain and flush sediment from tank
  • Inspect flue pipe
  • Check for proper vent draft
  • Check for water leaks
  • Check emergency shut-off valve operation
  • Check water temperature
  • Check pressure & safety relief valves

Electric Water Heater

  • Check element operation
  • Check thermostat operation
  • Check condition of wiring
  • Check for water leaks
  • Check operation of emergency shut-off valves
  • Check temperature
  • Check pressure & safety relief valves
  • Check drain valve operation

Do Your Drains Need Professional Drain Cleaning?

There are several different signs to look for when deciding if you need professional drain cleaning. One of the first signs to look for is if your drains are draining slowly or not draining at all. Slow drains are usually a result of a clogged drain. Professional drain cleaning services can help clear the clog the first time to ensure that your drains get back to working condition and do not lead to more serious issues such as burst pipes.

Foul odors that come from your drains is another sign that you need professional drain cleaning services. Your drains should never give off odors that smell of sewage. This is a sign that the drains are not draining properly and that you are dealing with an important drainage problem.

Multiple clogged drains at once is also a sign that you need professional drain cleaning. Multiple clogs at one time are a sign that your drainage system has a block in it somewhere. Professional drain cleaning services can pinpoint the issue and resolve it to ensure the drainage issue is taken care of instead of just masked temporarily.

Signs You Need to Repair or Replace Your Water Heater

When your water heater begins less and less hot water, you need to repair the heater. When the heater is in prime working condition, you will get a consistent amount of hot water every time you use hot water.

Another sign you need to repair your water heater is if the heater does not keep water in the tank hot. If you have not used hot water in a certain amount of time, the water heater should automatically turn on to keep the water hot.

If your water heater is over the age of 10 years and is needing repairs, it is time to be replaced. Water heaters typically last between 10 to 12 years. Once the heater gets older in age and repairs become more costly, it is better to replace the water heater than to try and repair it.

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