Summer Activity Guide That Won’t Waste Water

Summer in Fairfield might not mean much to residents regarding changes in the weather. After all, Northern California itself is warm and pleasant all year round, so all summer means is that days get a little longer, and temperatures get a little hotter.

But there are some bigger changes for Fairfield residents besides just a tweak to the weather. Summer means more tourists in the city, but it also means kids at home for a couple of months with more family time either on vacation or at home.

It can also mean more water used up on plants, or even just from kids playing in the sprinkler to pass the time. This may mean a spike in water usage for some homes, but with the right tips, you can minimize just how much more you pay during this season.


Put A Rain Barrel In The Yard

Rainfall is the best way to keep plants happy, but it becomes a less reliable occurrence during the summer.

If you have a lawn, trees, plants, or even vegetables growing on your property, the only way to keep them healthy when it doesn’t rain is to water them yourself with your home’s water supply, but this can be a significant drain on your resources.

The addition of a rain barrel to a yard can make a big, surprising difference. Usually, when it rains, plants can’t absorb all the water that hits the ground, and so much of is lost once the water evaporates or goes down further into the earth. A rain barrel gives you gallons of free water to use on your plants that you can then save for more fun occasions, like the kids running through sprinklers.

Cover The Pool When Not In Use

Anyone lucky enough to have a pool in California knows that you can use almost any time of the year if you feel like it. Because of that, lots of people choose to keep their pools exposed, ready for an easy, quick dip should the impulse ever hit.

The choice to cover a pool when not in use means that you can save on your water usage and your maintenance. A covered pool doesn’t evaporate water is readily as an exposed one. A covered pool also doesn’t make your filter or chemicals work as hard, as leaves aren’t hitting the water, and possible contaminants like bird droppings aren’t dissolving in it either.

Create A Water Play-space

A very unusual water activity that doesn’t use a lot of water is taking a large container, filling it with rocks and other accessories, then bringing it outside so kids can splash around with their toys in it. Action figures, dolls, and other toys are all fair game to use in this little pool.

The great thing about this activity is that it lets children enjoy the same kind of water play that they ordinarily only experience while in the tub. With this, they can splash around as much as they want, but the actual water consumption itself isn’t very large.