CSR Dispatcher Careers

Are You a Fit? Never look for a job again because we’re not a pit stop in your career – we’re the last place you’ll ever work!

If you’re a hard-working professional with an inner drive to improve yourself and help others then you might be a fit for us…

Along with the job-specific qualifications (below) here are the qualities we’re looking for in our perfect candidate:

  • You work hard.
  • You love working with a team.
  • You’re tech savvy – you can diagnose a problem and make recommendations to fix it.
  • You love to serve others.
  • You love to challenge yourself and you want to learn, and even be cross-trained.
  • You understand the importance of serving others (your team members and our customers).

You understand and are willing to follow our Core Values:

  • Safety First For Our Family and Theirs – Think Twice, Act Once.
  • Delivering WOW Through Service – Exceeding Every Customer’s Expectations.
  • Demonstrate Highest Level of Integrity – Doing the Right Thing Even When No One is Watching.
  • Great Place to Work – All for One and One for All.

As an equal opportunity employer, candidates will receive consideration without discrimination against race, creed, color, sex, national origin, handicap status or veteran status.

** We hire veterans

Job Duties

Work with the team: You stay in contact with your supervisor and your team to make sure the workload is shared by everyone – you step up when you need to and you proactively step in to help other team members when you can.

Develop your expertise

You listen carefully to each customer and use that information to guide the customer to help them make the right decisions for the safety and comfort of their family. You constantly build your expertise to provide even better guidance, and because our installers and experts rely on your accuracy.

Master the telephone

You are comfortable using the phone. You listen well to customers, and you can speak clearly and confidently. You’re comfortable with both in-bound calls and out-bound calls to existing customers (no cold calling), and you can change course as necessary – perhaps dealing with an upset customer on one call and then happily greeting the next caller and upselling them.

Job Requirements

You’re a tech-savvy people-person: You can communicate confidently via phone, mobile device, text, and email; you can use the internet and our internal software to complete your work accurately.

You can multi-task and have attention to detail

You can enter information while a customer is speaking, without allowing it to distract you. You are careful in the information you enter knowing that other team members will be relying on it.

  • Must have strong communication skills, including a pleasant phone demeanor.
  • Must have practical experience in dispatching and the methodology behind efficient practices in dispatching.
  • Must be able to work with technicians to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and technical correctness of the completed job.
  • Must be able to utilize phone, cell phone, text, email, and internet at a high level of expertise.
  • Must be motivated to work independently and multi-task.

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